Here's The Scoop

We provide unique, one-of-a-kind, thick slab and live edge products for home, office and commercial clientele. Excellent quality, great craftsmanship and attention to detail make our product stand out from the rest. We support our local economy by using wood sourced from Canadian, independent mills and by employing local people in our production shop .

100% Produced and manufactured in Canada.

Western Red Cedar arbor vitae or scientifically, Thuja plicata has been a staple for First Nations People of Canada's west coast for thousands of years. This tree provided them with material to build shelter, clothing, tools and transportation.

We honor the Spirit of the Tree in all our products.


Minimizing our carbon footprint

The Trees

The wood we use for our custom projects originates from Canada's west coast. When forestry companies commercially log an area, there are a lot of trees that are considered "waste wood" - meaning they are not suitable for milling into dimensional lumber. This waste wood is either piled into burn piles, or fed into an industrial mulcher.

Partnering with local firms on Vancouver Island, trees that have been left behind by the forestry industry are individually salvaged from cut blocks using minimal machinery. The salvaged logs are then transported to local mills where they are milled into slabs and kiln dried.

When a full tractor-trailer load is processed, it is transported to our location in Edmonton, Alberta. Trees that would otherwise be burned or mulched are instead transformed into beautiful furnishings and decor.

Giving Back

Tree Lovers

We believe you should only take what you need. In this day and age, it is more common to see folks or industry taking what they want over what they need. Our goal within the next 3 years is to be able to partner with organizations like Tree Canada to help plant native trees in Canadian urban centers and threatened rural areas.